Micro Focus Cobol License Agreement

SILK PERFORM. This licensed software can be installed on a reasonable number of licensed computer systems. The licensee may use the Multi-Machine Controller component (also known as „Workbench“) and associated load test agents on an unlimited number of computers for an unlimited number of users, but only in combination with the use of SilkPerformer based on the number, type and class of Virtual User Licenses purchased. Premium Virtual User Licenses for SilkPerformer, if ordered in any quantity, contain a single limited license for designated users to use SilkTest (the „additional product“). The additional product should not be used in combination with SilkPerformer`s Premium Virtual User Licenses and should not be used or transmitted autonomously. The incremental use of an additional product beyond the individual license for designated users or stand-alone use must be granted and paid separately. The following Java technology restrictions apply to the component of this licensed software identified as sonicMQ when attached to the licensed software: The licensee cannot change the Java platform interface („JPI“ identified as classes in the „java“ package or part of the „java“ package by creating additional classes within the JPI or by adding or changing classes in the JPI. If, if the licensee does not create an additional class and a corresponding API, (i) the functionality of a Java platform is extended and (ii) made available to third-party software developers for the development of additional software that access such an additional API, the licensee must immediately publish a very specific specification for such an API, which can be used free of charge by all developers. The licensee cannot create or authorize its own licensees to create additional classes, interfaces or sub-packages identified in some way as „java,“ „javax,“ „sun“ or similar conventions, as indicated by sun in any class naming agreement. MICRO FOCUS STUDIO FOR COBOL DEVELOPERS AND MICRO FOCUS STUDIO ENTERPRISE EDITION.

If Micro Focus Studio is the licensed software, the licensee can use the licensed software on the Windows platform and on a UNIX platform specified in the product order. The use of the licensed software on a non-UNIX platform other than the one originally granted or on several UNIX platforms requires additional licenses and payment of royalties. The licensee can install the licensed software on more than one computer or host server as long as the licensed software is only used by the same designated user on each host computer or server. ACADEMIC/USER EDITIONS.