St James Assiniboia School Division Collective Agreement

The collective agreement between MTS and GeneralTeamsters Local Union 979, from September 1, 2018 to 31.08.2022 Existing collective agreements remain in effect until they expire. If you have questions about your rights in the workplace, the best person you can talk to is your steward or local leader. You will know the details of your agreement. All staff are expected to attend school on 2 September. If you are unable to do so, please contact your department. You can also contact an MTS staff officer at 204-888-7961 or 1-800-262-8803 to discuss individual circumstances. Click on the link below to learn more about the start of the school year: The Manitoba Teachers` Society (MTS) is renewing its call on the provincial government to use the $85.4 million in federal education funds to recruit more staff, increase access to teacher and student mental health resources, provide sick times for substitutes, and provide much greater public public health support to all schools. This school year begins three days before the official return to school for students. Hence the addition of three days to the school year. The year 2020/21 is now 196 days instead of 193. These three days are non-educational days. Since 2004, PSA regulations have stipulated that the school year would begin after Labor Day.

As a result, the number of days in the school year varied between 193 and 198 days. With the government`s recent announcement that teachers will return to school on Wednesday, September 2, there have been a number of questions that have arisen along the way. Although the Prime Minister mentioned that the reopening of September 8th is timid, which means moving forward, it is really everyone`s assumption. What we do know is that teachers will be at work from Wednesday, September 2. Teachers are generally already in their schools ahead of Labour Day Weekend, but this announcement would require full-time members or their EPT equivalent from September 2. Bill 45 – The Public Schools Amendment Act and the mtS Amendment Act establishes a centralized bargaining model at each level for all public school teachers, with the exception of the Franco-Manitoban School Division (DSFM). Local negotiations for the DSFM regarding their unique leadership role in minority language school departments will remain in force. If you want a copy of your collective agreement on paper, talk to your trustee. If you don`t know who your administrator is or how to contact your office, contact the CUPE office near you. „For some time now, we have been asking the province to allocate to school departments the three non-pedagogical days that were taken on September 2 and 4,“ said MTS President James Bedford. „We are pleased that these days have been given back to the teachers.

Collaborative planning is crucial as teachers coordinate new learning and delivery formats and address a number of issues related to teaching a COVID 19 reality. I wish all STJATA members a safe and healthy return to the school year. The theory behind the provincial bargaining model is that this model, if followed as planned, ensures greater equity in wages and working conditions beyond divisions.