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For the purposes of implementing the agreement, the competent authorities of the Nordic countries are required to exchange information from the prepayment phase. This is why the NT1 and NT2 forms have been established for employers who can use them in the context of working between the Nordic countries. The employer sends the forms to the tax authorities who pass them on to the competent authority of the country concerned. The authorities also have their own forms to offer tax transfers to other countries or to request transfers. For the purposes of EU data protection legislation, Cass Moulton is the Data Protection Delegate (DPD) for your personal data. Our data protection representative can be contacted at the Like many other international agreements, the Nordic Income Tax Agreement contains provisions for a Mutual Agreement (POP) procedure. The tax treaty gives taxpayers the right to challenge the double taxation of their income by the competent authorities of the countries concerned. The map procedure is usually the last way to eliminate double taxation after the appeal procedure has initially been exhausted. The Norwegian tax authority is the competent authority in Norway and can provide more detailed information on the withholding agreement. 15.1 Full agreement.

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